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Above you will find links to give us your information in two ways. The first, "Apply", is used for those who want to be considered for jobs that we know are available, or soon to be available. The second, "Register", is open to anyone interested in Native English Teacher or International Assistant jobs available in the future, and who would like to be contacted if a position becomes available at a certain location and time.


Immediate ALT Positions in Tokyo!

We are seeking immediate candidates to work in the Tokyo 23 wards as an ALT in elementary and junior high schools. The position just became available and we need many people to consider for this school year!

If you are currently looking for immediate work in Japan, and want to live in Tokyo (or the nearby areas in Chiba or Saitama), please contact us immediately!

Depending on the location, the daily rate is 13500-15000 yen daily, with various options regarding number of working days, and part-time or substitute candidates are also possible to be considered.

Please contact right away if interested!

Please click here to apply.

Now strongly seeking substitutes in addition to full-time applicants!

After the start of the school year, most ALT candidates will end up being considered for the September term to start, or the new year in April 2018. However, if you are living in Japan with a proper visa and have interest in obtaining some work in public schools, you can start out with work as a substitute teacher. You just need to have reliably free weekdays in your schedule.

If interested, please check the locations listed below, and if you wish to be considered, please contact ASAP!

We are seeking candidates especially for the following locations:

  • - Tokyo (Toshima-ku, around Adachi)
  • - Kanagawa (Zushi city)
  • - Saitama (Koshigaya city, around Misato)
  • - Chiba (Chiba city, Yachiyo city, Urayasu city, around Hunabashi, Inba area, Awa area, Katsunan area, Higashi Katsushika area, Katori area, Kaiso area, Sanbu area, Chosei area, Izumi area)
  • - Ibaraki (Ryugasaki city, Kashima city)
  • - Tochigi (Ashikaga city, around Ichikai)
  • - Gunma
  • - Shizuoka
  • - Miyagi (Osaki)

Positions have the potential to start anytime on an as-needed basis, but most positions begin with the new school year in April.

Please click here to apply for a position.

In addition to ALT recruitment, we have a customer seeking an experienced ALT to work in an office environment to cooperate with staff in substitution, recruitment, training, and sales. Work may be in Tokyo or just north in Ibaraki. Experienced ALTs with some Japanese language ability, good cooperative attitude, and the ability to drive in Japan can be considered.
If interested, please register on this site and include "office staff" in any comments section.



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