'What is an ALT ?' versus 'What is Eikaiwa ?' This is one of the questions foreigners ask themselves when they come to Japan to look for work in the field of education. Which is actually better? This question and might be answered as we compare and contrast both along the way.


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How many hours do I work?
An ALT works like a typical employee, which is normally 8 hours everyday while an Eikaiwa teacher can work from 1-2 hours to 12-14 hours per day depending on the lesson schedule.


What are the normal working hours?

An ALT usually starts the day at about 8:30 a.m. and can go home at about 4:30 p.m., while an Eikaiwa teacher has a very flexible schedule. The Eikaiwa teacher can start working from 7:30 am as the earliest and may finish the day at about 10 to 11pm.


How much is the salary?

An ALT has a fixed salary. ALTs receives the same amount whether they teach or not for as long as they stay in school. An ALTfs daily salary ranges from 9,340 yen for a 6.5 hour day to 12,220 yen for an 8.5 hour day. An Eikaiwa teacher receives a certain amount only when they have lessons. They are paid with an average amount of 1,500-2,500 yen per lesson. So an Eikaiwa teacher may receive less than or more than the ALTfs depending on the number of lessons.



How many lessons do I have in a day?

Based on some of the ALTs, the normal number of lessons they have in a day is four 40 or 50 minutes lessons. (40 minutes for elementary and 50 minutes for Junior High School). The most number of lessons an ALT has ever had in a day was 6 lessons. This is already the busiest day an ALT has ever had. An Eikaiwa teacher on the other hand, to have 6 lessons in a day is a very quiet day. The average number of lessons for an Eikaiwa teacher is 8-12 lessons per day.



Most people who come to Japan to teach as ALTs have the goal of learning the Japanese language in their minds. This is because ALTs interact with the Japanese teachers and students everyday and they become part of the community.

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